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Environment Protection for Improvements in Health and Hygiene

ISD in collaboration with the Divisional Secretariats, Forest Department, educational institutions and public health institutions have taken steps to conduct various environmental conservation events focusing on improving the health and hygiene of the beneficiary community. Tree plantation programs, water source and catchment area protection awareness, waste management awareness and shramadana activities are among some of the interventions initiated by ISD in this regard.

A number of waste management programs were conducted in the selected estates and villages through which a considerable progress is achieved in dengue incidence reduction according to the health sources. In consequent to the awareness made, the community is keen in maintaining a cleaner environment than before and already enjoying the benefits of it.

Conservation of water sources and catchment areas in the hill country is highly significant in ensuring regular water supply and safe drinking water for a substantial population in the country since most water sources that supply water nation- wide originate in hill country. ISD, under its environmental conservation interventions, has initiated tree plantation programs in all project districts in order to cater to this need. The relevant government institutions were consulted by ISD in selection of appropriate locations and plants for the initiative. Some of the selected areas have been already exposed to landslides due to lack of forest cover and some are similar risk- prone areas. The community was enlightened on the significance of trees in conserving water sources and thus ensuring regular access to safe drinking water. The program is conducted in collaboration with government organizations, schools and the community. Following some of the tree plantation events at project locations with the participation of school students, their engagement in environmental conservation practices have been improved at school level. One such key highlight is that two girls from Monaragala Sri Shanmuga Tamil school planting trees on their birthday in the school premises and committing to take care of the plants by themselves.

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The Institute of Social Development (ISD) is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1991 to empower the marginalized and discriminated Plantation Communities in Sri Lanka.
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