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Midland – Elagala division in Matale district comes under the management of the State Plantation Cooperation (SLC). 479 peoples live in the estate that is highly vulnerable and low income makers.

Elagala estate communities were unable to receive the development projects funded by government due to the lack of relationship and linkages with the government authorities. The government officers don’t visit these estates by saying various reasons such as language barrier, attitudes towards plantation communities, transport facilities and there was not have a functioning RDS to link with government.

In the meantime, ISD mobilizers while discussing with the community, have found the Elagala community needs such infrastructure facilities like road, water & sanitation facilities, transports,  hospital facilities etc.  These issues can be overcome by forming an estate Rural Development Society (RDS)  like in the village RDSs. The Rural Development Society (RDS) is a key plat form to obtain the government services. According to the government legislation  RDS is the grass root organization which can implement village/estate level development projects by obtaining  government funds.

However, it is a challenge to form  RDS in the Elagala estate similar to other estates. Because of the communities do not aware on RDS and  citizen’s  rights.

ISD officers while facing the challenges continuously  create awareness on RDS among the community memebres. Meanwhile  Rattota Divisional Secretariat officials and convince them to  form a RDS in the Elagala estate .  When the   Elagala RDS was formed  only 30 members were participates, but after the ISD support it has been gradually increased to 50 members in the RDS.

After the formation of the committee ISD provides capacity building trainings such Leadership & governance, Gender, Right To Information & Political rights. With these trainings and the commitment, capacity and strengths shown by Elagala RDS, Rattota Predhesiya Saba decided to overruled by citing  that according to the  RDS regulation “RDS have to be 2 years old and 200,000 LKR on Bank account to obtain ae/R development prroject funded by government”  however without any deposit the bank the Elagalla  RDS able  received Rs .400,000 LKR to construct road and  500,000 LKR. to construct school road  by show their commitment towards community development.

The people who lived in this estate were benefited from the newly built roads. The Elagala Kawatha road save  around 25 families easily reach the shools, hospital and other government institution. The school road save the children to reach the school in time and return with safety. Before the roads was construct  the parents scared to send their girl children . After road was construction the children regula attendance increased.

While strengthening the RDS the RDS members formed a subcommittee to look after the  funeral actitivities of  communities whenever necessary.

With all these achievements RDS decided to have a separate community center for their social  meetings and approached the Pradesiya  Saba the  Chairman . The chairman agreed  to allocate the land to build a community center in near future.

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The Institute of Social Development (ISD) is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1991 to empower the marginalized and discriminated Plantation Communities in Sri Lanka.
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