• Remembering the Tea Plantation workers contribution towards 150 years of Ceylon Tea Exhibition and Conference
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  • UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues Ms. Rita Izsak Ndiaye pays a visit to Institute of Social Development (ISD) to discuss the prevailing right based issues of the Hill Country Tamil People
  • Annual General Meeting- 2016

  • Remembering the Tea Plantation workers contribution towards 150 years of Ceylon Tea Exhibition and Conference

Transitional justice for hill country Tamils

ISD focuses on right issues of hill country Tamil people in plantation sector for last 25 years.  We enlighten them to claim their basic and fundamental rights by advocating the civil society organizations and politicians of the community while lobbying the policy makers of the country. Although the hill country Tamils were not directly involved in 30 years protracted ethnic conflict, it impacted on plantation community and made them most vulnerable and excluded from the mainstream development interventions.  

Emphasizing on legal and moral obligations of the state, ISD engaged in submitting memorandum and proposals to the government emphasizing on inclusion of plantation community in development interventions. ISD’s lobbying and advocacy campaigns mandated policy makers to put special attention and recognition of the rights of the in country Tamils who became indirect victims of the ethnic conflict. 
Following the changing political scenario after 2015 presidential election, ISD expanded its’ advocacy program in the planation sector.  As such a program was developed with the participation of civil society organizations focusing on the socio economic issues of the plantation community, and submitted to newly created Ministry of plantation Infrastructure Development. 
The submission covers the following areas;
  • Human Rights
  • Political Rights 
  • Housing, land, infrastructure and community development
  • Education and higher education
  • Health
  • Environment and vocational training
  • Gender equality and equity 
The proposed plan was recognized by the ministry and set the platform to introduce 10 year government national action plan for the plantation community. It is one of the greatest achievements of ISD that our submission was well recognized by the government and the director Mr. P. Muthulingam has been invited to provide feedback for the aforesaid government plan.