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Events on WASH Skills and Knowledge for Children to Promote WASH Behaviors

ISD work closely with 44 selected schools associated with the estates and surrounding villages in the respective districts with the view to bring about positive impact in WASH related behaviors among children. While raising awareness among school students on WASH practices, ISD is involved in Association with Solidaridad Network Asia in improving the infrastructure facilities to ensure supply of safe drinking water and improving sanitation facilities in schools. School Health Clubs are formed in all 44 schools in collaboration with the Department of Education to ensure continuity and sustainability of the practices promoted. Both teachers and School Development Society members are trained on hygiene promotion in order to facilitate, promote and ensure practicing of WASH activities in their respective schools. Through School Development Societies, School WASH Plans are developed having identified and prioritized the WASH related needs of the school students. Awareness is raised among students on WASH behaviors through various approaches such as class room sessions, lectures, presentations, demonstrations, art competitions and WASH related special day celebrations. Nearly 8000 students were reached in these events conducted in all project districts. ISD is providing a WASH Kit comprising cleaning equipment to selected schools in order to ensure a clean and hygienic school environment for students. Students from all schools in which ISD project activities are carried out with school time tables carrying WASH messages to raise awareness and promote day- to- day WASH behaviors.

As observed by the teachers and parents, the children carry forward the WASH messages to their homes and as a result the parents are more concerned about the hygiene and nutritional practices of their children than before. Children now bring water, diversified and nutritional meals to school and keenly following dental and personal hygiene practices they were taught of. The attendance of students is observed to be improved and school drop-outs are minimal following the project interventions. Absenteeism of teenage girl children also has seen a decline.

Following the ISD interventions, students’ achievements in certain schools have been observed to be improved. In Dammeria 3 Tamil School, two students passed the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination after 16 years. The pass rate of Scholarship Examination in the schools of Lunugala, Thirumahal and Verellapathana in Badulla District also have been improved following the interventions.

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The Institute of Social Development (ISD) is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1991 to empower the marginalized and discriminated Plantation Communities in Sri Lanka.
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