Institute of
Social Development

Institute of Social Development (ISD) is a non-governmental organization located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The organization was established in 1991 by a group of activists who engage in the field of human rights, labor, gender and advocacy. The group identified that even though there have been major development activities since 1948, there have been no positive impacts on the lives of the marginalized communities. The organization was formed in order to address this societal issue that has been compelling society for years.

Our Activities

We engage in a wide range of activities including women empowerment, governance, labour rights, sustainability and peace.

Our Mission

‘’To strengthen the marginalized plantation, rural communities and groups towards sustainable social changes based on democracy, equity, social justice, freedom and peace while fostering rural community empowerment for a better future’’

Tea Museum

Thank you for showing interest in enlightening the lives of disadvantaged communities. Together we can make a big difference in their lives. Please visit the page to make your donation.

Our Partners

‘’We are proud and honored to collaborate with our partners throughout the journey towards achieving our core objectives. We have been working with them for years delivering innovative and successful solutions. ’’

Digital Library

Explore our digital library and read what you love. Our digital library provides easy access to a resourceful collection of books, journals and periodicals.